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A graphical visual which helps evaluate the smoothness of curves.

FontLab VI. The ultra bold font editor for Mac and Windows

Glyphs and Robofont compatible only. A pack of tools which help to modify and evaluate vector shape paths. Glyphs compatible only. A selection of tools for harmonising nodes and handles. Glyphs and Fontlab compatible only. Interpolation is the concept of merging or blending fonts of different weights or styles.

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The following tools aid interpolation processes:. Helps to identify any non-compatible outlines between UFO files. Fixing these outlines and making them compatible will allow for creating new weights and styles. Note the Glyphs app has its own built-in compatibility checker. A powerful design space interpolator of all font data.

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Can expand a minimum of two UFO files into a much larger font family. This software is a requirement if building families with Robofont. Tools for scaling and re-weighting glyphs while retaining stem weight. Two compatible outline font masters are required. A UFO specific scaler, great for making small caps while retaining stem weight. Useful in a Robofont workflow. A UFO based kerning specific app that allows you to build groups, pair lists and scale and transform kerning data throughout a font. Useful in both a Glyphs and Robofont workflow. Microsoft Visual TrueType : Free.

1. FontArk

A tool for applying TrueType hinting instructions directly to a TrueType font file source. A high level of research and nerdery required for this application. TTFAutohint : Free. If you use a different piece of software you can also take advantage of TTFAuto hinting by running this app independently on the Command Line. An OpenType feature layout tool with a graphical interface to enable a clearer, more visual build of OpenType features.

Very useful when working on non-Latin scripts such as Arabic and Devanagari.

Perform high-level amendments directly to exported font files. View the tables within your exported font files to check the data is as expected and specified in your source. Sign in. Basket 0. Custom font design Logo development Design for accessibility Fonts for broadcast Font modification Global languages. An introduction to software for type design Phil Garnham Knowledge share. Interpolation: Interpolation is the concept of merging or blending fonts of different weights or styles.

Blog post updated 30th October Share this page. View blog post Just ad type: How advertising agencies choose the right typeface Emily Gosling Inspiration. Sign up to the TypeNotes newsletter for type news, tips and offers. Fontsmith client area. All of the good old free font utilities are either abandoned or only work on PPC.

So it's great to find BirdFont to be a very useful replacement. Now back to learning the rest of this great application Like 2. Johan Mattsson.

FontForge: A Free Font Editor

A month or so I sent a support email about some display issues and within a few hours there was a reply. Short version after a quick few rounds of back and forth, Johan the developer fixed the issue and the next day the update was on this here site. Great help and I really like where this app is going. Already donated, but couldn't install the latest "commercial" version due to issues in its licensing capabilities. Like 1.

Please send me an e-mail so we can get this sorted out. You know I really want to like BirdFont a lot. I see a lot of potential in what's emerging out of this tool and the things one can do with it. And, to some extent, I still do like what the developer has achieved so far. Perhaps the biggest plus is the ability to create new font characters in a package that is essentially free well, donationware to be more precise is really a gift to the Mac community. Furthermore, I really hate to criticise any software that is freeware, but I do have a few qualms about this one.

I won't go into a lot of details as I see the developer is working hard to fix up bugs and all the rest , but I would really like to see the following improvements if it is possible :: 1. Yeah alright, I can see the developer is going down the path of Adobe CS6 with its darker theme for the UI, but if this is to be attempted and become the norm for this tool, make sure the graphics and text representing the buttons on the UI are clear.

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And I mean much more significant contrast. I'm not sure about other users' Macs perhaps the brightness has been set all the way to the top to make it work for them , but even with my maximum brightness, I do have to squint hard to look at these buttons to see what they are.

I can see the developer is trying to be original with the menu command File, Edit etc. Yes, I give him credit for being different. But one of the things that I find fairly annoying are the number of extra clicks I need to press just to access a particular menu command. I mean, now, we have to make an extra click into what appears to be the settings button I have seen a similarly designed button for this purpose on other apps , but initially I had no way of knowing the menu commands are actually hidden in there.

When I found out, I thought "Yay, I can use this tool again". But then I realise, I need to click at least twice to actually get into the menu grouping I want, and eventually another click to finally use the menu command I want. My recommendation: put the menu commands across the top of the window or what's wrong in the menu bar created by Apple's own Finder app? While it isn't the most exciting and original way of doing things, I find that it just works and simplifies the process of accessing fcommands so much.

Can we not have to show the initial window on startup asking if it is for commercial or free use. For a software that is described as free, this is confusing. Should I actually pay for this tool? I don't know. If I don't have to, just let us choose and the app should remember. If we want to change it to "commercial", we should be able to go into the settings to change this. Again this just saves an extra click on launching just to get into the app. Is there any chance we can get an instructions manual to learn all the amazing things this tool can do no need to be detailed like it came from Microsoft, just a nice compact Mac-like and intruitive manual that explains everything.

In particular I like to see where I can apply high-end time-saving features such as the ability to apply an automatic slanting of all characters in a font set for setting up the italics font set quickly, of the ability to enlarge all characters to create the bold font set, that kind of thing. I probably should leave it there for now. But already I can see great potential in this app.

And I certain;y do not want the developer to give up on this tool just because some people are saying things could be better. Just as an encouragement, I like to give the app the rating as shown above. Please keep up the improvements. Thank you for making the UI changes so I can actually use the editor and to allow me to submit bug reports.