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Guitar Hero III just keeps on crashing !

Having a few goofy issues after using this. Some of my shows aren't loading up. How does one go about restoring the backup? Hitting the "Restore" button didn't seem to do anything. It also didn't take as long as the initial backup routine.

Hi, does the patch work for the Mac update of GH3? Version 1.

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How does this work? I opened it, it told me that it would make a backup and that it would take a while. I've been constantly checking the folder, after a while. It's not even doing the "Not Responding" thing like you said, it just sits there. Click the Clear Backgrounds button, nothing?

Click Launch GH3, nothing? What do I do?

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I must be missing something. You have downloaded the latest version? It sounds like it's ignoring permissions.

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Is there a way I can manually eliminate the background, etc? Or is there a fix for my problem. I've not yet checked the wireless receiver for compatibility.

Other info Sadly, my PowerMac has died, which as my primary development machine has slowed progress. I have added a version of the driver without support for the Guitar Hero controller, to allow the Guitar Hero for Mac game to work it attempts to access hardware directly, which doesn't work if a real driver has claimed the device.

How to put custom songs in Guitar Hero 3 MAC/PC

Help If you find the driver does not work for you, please attempt and find out as much as you can about the device, preferably using the Apple "USB Prober" application provided with the developer tools, but the output of System Profiler for the device may be enough. E-mail it back and I'll try and work with you to get it working.

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