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Audio is copyrighted, so you need to download royalty-free music by yourself. Clean and easy to use interface; Open source software without built-in purchase Cons: Exporting process is slack, which means it will take longer time.

Provide free built in effects and animations; Support 3D title Cons: Buggy at times; It freezes and crashes often. You can edit photos, videos, and audio files It is easy to use Pros: More than built-in video effects; unlimited tracks Cons: User interface is not friendly. You can use it to create slide shows Supports capturing desktop and editing video Pros: Includes twelve studio-quality effects; Create slide shows Cons: It is discontinued to release new version.

It allows you to edit several audio and video tracks You can customize shortcuts easily Pros: It is open source software Cons: Not friendly for greenhands; Update slowly. Fast poly modeling tools; Customizable input Cons: Unintuitive layers system; Animation management is not smooth.

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Multi track timeline you can choose Trimming video is easy to use You can adjust constant or variable speed Pros: Learning curve is not steep; Offer advance color grading Cons: Single screen editing workflow is not friendly. Effects library is limited. High level ideo effects compositor Cons: It lacks motion graphics feature. By Liza Brown.

Done paying for Premiere and Final Cut Pro? Here are the best free alternatives

Other Recommend Products. You May Also Like. This software is not free unless you like watermarks. They should call it what it is - a DEMO, not a free piece of software. I wondered.. So can you refer me to a really-free simple editor that can cut and splice-together a video? I am not looking for other advanced features. Mac user. I am really hoping it is easy to use and doesn't crash every 3 seconds. With all of the iMovie issues, it's been a very stressful few days. I can also recommend a good website - https: There are plenty of useful information for every Mac user.

Use these video editors when you need to produce longer-form content for Youtube or your website. All of these video editors are either entirely free to use or have an excellent free version. This video software ranges from basic to advanced. Blender, one of the best free video editing software, is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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  8. Blender is an open source program that is entirely free to use. Blender was actually designed as a 3D animation suite, but it does come with a very useful video editor. The editor allows you to perform basic actions like video cuts and splicing.


    This makes it a very flexible video editor and caters to both beginner and advanced users. Perfect for advanced users who are not put off by all the features. The sheer array of features make the learning curve a little steeper. The resources to help you with the video editor are very limited. Best for: More advanced projects that may involve 3D animation. Lightworks is one of the more powerful video editors on the list. The free version should be more than enough for most users.

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    This video editor includes the following in the free version: Compared to Blender, for example, Lightworks has many great video tutorials which can make it quicker to get up and running. Check out this feature comparison to make sure the free version has what you need.

    Very powerful video editor with many advanced features. Some users may find Lightworks too advanced. Shotcut , like Blender, is a fully open source program. This means after downloading it, you get access to all the features without the need for a paid upgrade.

    This video editor supports a wide range of video formats and boasts a great collection of tutorial videos. While this video editing software has great features, some users may find the interface a little quirky. This software was originally designed for Linux and it definitely shows. Two of the most striking features are 4K HD resolution support and its timeline editing. Not many free versions of software include 4K resolution support.

    Native timeline editing and 4K resolution support. Quirky interface may be off putting for some users. VSDC is video editing software only available to Windows users. The free version has a powerful set of features including color correction and audio editing. Relatively straightforward to learn with many powerful features. Machete Lite is one of the most simple editors in the list and is great for quick and simple editing tasks.

    In the free version you cannot edit audio, you can only entirely remove audio tracks. Windows only; does not support as many file types as other programs; no audio editing. Avidemux is great video editing software for beginners as the interface is very simple to use.

    This program can help you to perform basic tasks including: If you are completely new to video editing, this might be a good place to start. Very simple software; no need to read technical docs.

    HitFilm Express is one of the more professional video editors to make the list. It contains all the features you would expect from a basic editor splicing, trimming, and audio editing plus many more.

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    The free package includes over special effects. The tutorials are mainly based on well known Hollywood movies like Star Wars, but these are very interactive and engaging. Before you can download this software, Hitfilm asks you to share a status update on social media. However, this is a very small price to pay for such advanced software. Finally, Hitfilm includes a store where you can purchase add-ons, but this is beyond the scope of most users, as the free feature set should be more than enough.

    Truly professional video editor without the price tag. Youtuber Vlogs — Youtube uploading is built in.

    The Top 8 Free Video Editors For macOS

    DaVinci Resolve is arguably the most advanced video editor on the list. While it has many professional features, its interfaces remain intuitive. Alongside video slicing and trimming you can master audio and correct color.