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You'll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. Create a new topic About this Idea Official Representatives Brandon Bauman Employee. The mood in here. Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. Andrew Jensen August 21, Fix the problem for Java upgrades on Apple computers Edit Subject. There have to be hundreds of thousands of your clientel that use Apple computers, and the newest versions for that matter Mac OS X I cannot install the program or its updates because an error message appears saying that I have to download a legacy version of Java which is old technology and vulnerable to several security breaches.

We need to get this indexing done!

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Link Short URL. August 22, In my humble opinion one of those 2 things should fix it.

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Try updating Java First, Some times Java has issues. Good Luck. Not planned Under consideration Planned Implemented. How does this make you feel? Add Image. I'm e. Andrew Jensen August 23, I have the latest version of Java, and that is the problem. This error message is essentially saying that I have to downgrade in order to install the latest version of the indexing software.

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No good. August 24, Another thing you can try is Down Grade your Version of java to Install the indexing app and then re install the Newer Version of Java, but if you do that make sure it un-installs all of the Older version. Brandon Bauman Employee August 25, Andrew, Thanks for contacting us. We would love the opportunity to get together with you to work through this issue. There may be something we can do to help you figure this out. Please contact us at and ask for technical support for indexing. By design, the indexing client installation contains all of the necessary.

However, we haven't done much testing with the last few releases of OS X. I do know that users have been required to install java for a few years now due to changes Apple made in removing it from their OS. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Thanks, Brandon. Andrew Jensen August 26, Thank you. Please thoroughly test all future releases of indexing software with Mac OS X So many people use Macs.

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Perhaps more than FamilySearch HQ thinks. If you want them to be able to index, then this must be fixed so you don't disenfranchise your Mac users. Andrew Jensen April 08, For anyone who is interested in getting high numbers, you do 5 to 30 records and get credit for the entire 50 in the table. Keep up the good work!

Pat Payne. As far as the Project Completion Team goes, I think Headquarters is sending out the invitation to one group of volunteers at a time as they need more help. Since there is only one group administrator, they probably don't want to overwhelm him. However, if you wrote to him to ask to join the group, I don't think he would turn you away no matter what state you live in. Renee, I'm curious to know why limited to Utah. UK indexers have been asked to concentrate on the Cheshire projects in order to complete by December and all four record sets are moving rapidly.

The Cheshire records range from typed electoral registers which I think are nearing completion at arbitration, through handwritten school Poor Law and Land Tax. For arbitrators a problem is that people are failing to to enter 4 digit year numbers and also using 01,02 etc contrary to project instructions.

This means the arbitrator has either to reject the batch or go through every entry to arbitrate. Arbitration becomes very time consuming if every year and date need entries. Post a Comment.

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It is just amazing how quickly time seems to fly. I can't believe we are already into October.

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It just seems like a month ago I was writing my article on my New Year goals. I'm still working on organizing my genealogy.

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I am obsessed with that subject. When I tried to open my FamilySearch Indexing program on my desktop I noticed that all my icons are broken. When I try to click on them the tell me they are unable to launch the program. I don't know what the deal is with that now. I looked on the FamilySearch Indexing website and found this notice. September 29, Mac Users and Java If you are a Mac user that installed a Java update over the weekend and are now having issues launching the indexing application, click here. I'm not a Mac user but I do use Java so I did the click here thing.

Document ID: Indexing no longer runs on a Macintosh Problem Error message when trying to log in to indexing: NullPointerException Resolution Following an update released by Apple around September 28, , Macintosh users of indexing get an error message. Thus far we have tested this with OSX Currently only MacOS This problem was caused by Apple's update, not a change in the indexing program. We are working to determine what course of action we can take but we are early in the process right now.

Please check this page for updates. Well that message doesn't apply to my situation. I decided to go to the FamilySearch. It did give me a notice: A special update to the FamilySearch Indexing application has been completed. Start the application as you usually do. There was a message for us this week. Headquarters Subject: Project Completion Team Date: We are requesting volunteer to join our new Project Completion Team. For numerous reasons, projects nearing completion are delayed as we evaluate some troublesome batches.

Our project Completion Team will be responsible for submitting these batches. If you have been indexing for a few months, or have indexed over 2, records, and would like to participate on this team, please send an e-mail to Byron Mortensen, the group administrator for this team, at MortensenB familysearch.

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