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I was surprised that you could not save it directly as a. Of what use would an Afinity file be unless you could save it as another file extension? You should have no problem exporting directly to jpeg using the same export method you used to export the file to png format. Affinity Photo 1. You are losing layers, paths, text, transparency and image quality.

A bit of a disaster in some cases. The other thing is, it's easy to overwrite the original file, which could be an even worse disaster.

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I know there are warnings but Windows displays so many, who always reads every one? A bit of common sense safety is a good thing. At least if you are forced to save as a. And presumably, you want to save a file with all your layers, paths and text at some point? It is easy enough to Export if you actually want to throw all your layers and stuff away. The export in my case is not the same as the viewed. Where sis I go wrong in the export? It seem to turn under exposed to Blue.

Windows version. When I export my persona and select save as high quality jpeg, then check info of the image in my photos, it shows it is still raw.

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It opens on all my devices Windows, Mac, and Android but not on their computer Windows 8. Any solutions?


What kind of errors to they have when they try? Can you provide one of them here, so other forum users can look at them and see if they can tell what the problem might be? One of the Serif Moderators was able to help me. I lowered the DPI and flattened some of the layers. I guess they were unable to open it on their end because the files were too large and their hardware couldn't handle it. Eventually, we got it sorted.

Thanks for reaching out!

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